everyone needs a little reality tv

I watch so much reality TV it’s really not normal. Add to that the fact that a lot of them are doing 2 hour episodes is just unnecessary. I was watching the X Factor tonight (after the results from Dancing with the Stars) and I paused to think about what it is about these shows that I’m so intrigued to keep watching them. Sure they are edited and scripted and not real life by any means, but it’s only a matter a time before your hooked and you have to see who wins. Why? I decided that for me, I love the idea of these contestants realizing they have a chance for something big. We’ve all been there, getting so close to winning a big competition in high school and not winning, or putting so many long hours at work only to fall short of a promotion that was granted to someone else. So in a way, I can relate to them. I know how it feels to come so close to something and either not getting it, or feeling the rush of emotion when you get that “yes” from the powers that be. That’s what I relate to. It’s the idea of getting close to a dream, an achievement, a goal. Forget the fact that it’s scripted, edited, would never happen in real life kind of stuff. That’s why they are on TV. Rather than focusing on that, take in the principle of challenging yourself to something bigger than you because when you do get that “yes”, you’ll feel the same as they do. Now if only I could sing…


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