teusdays nights

I love Tuesday nights. It’s my one day a week where I can be creative in my own way without any direction and escape reality for 60 minutes. My hip hop class at LA Fitness is just so great and my boss makes my job one that I hope to be doing fas long as I can. I make up choreography that the week before and teach it to about 10 or so people that are of all different backgrounds but come together to learn some dance moves. It’s so much fun, even when I don’t feel like going after a hard day at work, I always leave there smiling. It’s my one time I can pretend I’m a little like Tabitha from So You Think You Can Dance’s Napoleon and Tabiltha (I love those two).

The people in my class make it all worth it too. I’ve been doing this for going on about 5 years now and it’s the people that make it fun. If you get a crowd that’s into it, that’s when it’s the best. Now I don’t teach a normal gym fitness class (unlike my sister’s salsa on crack classes, God love her I don’t have that kind of energy and I don’t think I ever did). Mine is straight choreography, 64 counts or more and one song only (aside from warm up and cool down). I remember there was one class where a new girl had checked it out and the week before I had a sub who taught very different than me. She stopped me in the middle of class and said “wait so are you going to do different songs? The girl last week did that”. When I told her how the class works she responded with “oh well I only have an hour and need to get my heart rate up” and literally walked out. I was a little offended when until one of my regulars (who moved to California and when she’s in town makes it a point to come to my class) said to her “yeah but this class is way better”. That’s what I mean about a great class.

I hope to be doing this long term. I don’t do it for the money (there’s no way I would survive) or the free membership. I do it because it’s fun, it gets me into the gym, and I get to be creative without barriers. My research every week is youtube, don’t know what I would do without it. I get inspiration for my routines and just gets me going. So I end this blog post with one of my favorites, Emily Sasson. If I ever go to Colorado you know I’m checking out her class. The song just makes me happy too 🙂


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