Old and Angry

Does anyone watch Pan Am? I found out that the show is going to be canceled (and I think it’s a good call) but I’ve watched the whole season thus far and its been interesting to see how the airline industry worked back then. Drinks on trays, flowers and a genuine smile. Now its filled with “I can’t help you”, “you need to hold on” and “go to that line”. At least they give us the whole can when you get a soda.

The flight attendants were pretty and friendly, their sole job being to make the passengers feel comfortable and happy. What happened to them??

I now fly and it seems like the majority of flight attendants are “old and angry”. As a passenger you’re more of an inconvenience rather than a guest, and its a dissapointing thing when you look at shows such as Pan Am.

Now I wont say that all of them are like that, plenty of flight attendants have been written about because of their nice gestures and friendly persona, but shouldn’t that be the standard? Going to the airport and getting on a flight is stressful enough with the baggage check, security lines and tons of travelers, but I’ve noticed that the staff that works at the airport including the flight attendants are rude, stressed, unfriendly and unwilling to help. Yes I’m generalizing as not all staff is like that, but we need to do something.

As I’m on my American Airlines flight, I can’t help but evaluate my flying experience. I should expect more from my flight given I’ve paid a good chunk of change to get to my destination. So for the first time, on going to limit my future flight search to southwest and Virgin. Those are 2 airlines that have given customer service a high priority. They might be more expensive, but will hopefully make my flight experience a more pleasant one.

We’ll see!


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