Happy New Year!!!

It’s already 2012. Can you believe it??

As I sit and reflect about the year that has passed (and recover from the 2 Day Lights All Night DJ Rave Party my husband and I decided to go to), I have a lot to be thankful for.

My sisters are in Dallas and our little trio is finally in the same city. I married my love. I graduated with an MBA in Marketing. I’ve gained new experiences and skills. I started this blog. That’s a lot happening in one year. 2011 was a year of happiness, accomplishments and challenges. I embrace it and learn from it for 2012.

My husband and I had our New Years dinner last night before going to this DJ Party.. Hold that thought…

I need to tell you about this DJ party called Lights All Night… a couple of months ago my sister was thinking about what to do to celebrate the new year. We had done hotel parties, chill house dinner parties, clubs, and last year we went to see Cake in Austin. So we’ve had some variety. So when my sister saw that there was a 2 day DJ music festival, featuring some of the biggest names in the dance world (Tiesto, Benny Benassi, Girl Talk, RJD2, Ghostland Observatory) she was down to go. The tickets weren’t cheap, ($100 for a 1 day and $150 for 2 day pass) but with all the DJs there it had to be good. I’m not a huge dance music fan, so I was reluctant to go and spend the money. Plus it wasn’t really my scene. My husband, on the other hand, liked some of these DJs and wanted to see them. Before I knew it, we had bought the 2 day pass for both of us. We were going.

As we are standing in line and looking at all the young people trying to get in (the event was 18 and up, so there were people 10 years younger than us), we were anxious. I will say though, the costumes were the best. Elvis was in the building along with Gumby, strippers (the best was a girl wearing a super short skirt and stickers on her boobs for a bra) and your typical rave gear (lots of neon lights). We got our $12 red bull and vodka and enjoyed some of the DJ’s.

Overall it was a very different New Years celebration. On Friday night Benny Benassi was awesome (I still have the “You are…a cinema…” stuck in my head. Love that song now). On New Years Eve we danced it all out to Girl Talk with a countdown, balloon drop and confetti.

I made it a point to be under the balloons this time since last year we were too far from it. I was really bummed so my husband was so sweet and got us right under it. Once midnight hit the balloons above us looked like they weren’t going to drop. It did though, and balloons fell right above me 🙂

I kissed my love on New Years, hugged my sisters, hugged my friends and danced with all I had to Girl Talk. I had my first Red Bull in over 3 months and I’ve never jumped around so much (my legs are reminding me of that today). It was great. Even if it wasn’t our ideal celebration atmosphere, being with friends and family makes it all worth it.

So on our way home last night at almost 4am (a cab was tough to get so my sister was awesome enough to pick us up as she had gone home earlier love you Vanessa!!) we decided that next year, something more chill and relaxed was in order.

So at dinner my husband and I started to talk about resolutions. Why no one ever follows  through with them, why they are so clichĂ© yet people make them every year. I think we do it because it gives us a fresh start. The idea of starting something new (whether it be to lose weight, try something new, be more adventurous, etc) it’s exciting and inspiring.

So here’s to the New Year. A year full of surprises, challenges, accomplishments and discoveries. But more of all, here’s to a year of happiness. Cheers!

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