what section are you in?

You know they say you can tell a lot about a person by seeing what books they have in their house? I think you can tell a lot about what a person is thinking or at what stage in their life they are by seeing what section at the bookstore they are in.

I was at Barnes and Noble today and found myself just browsing throughout the sections. I got myself a peppermint chocolate mocha and just walked around to buy time before I went back to work. I found myself in 3 sections- best sellers, business and gifts. Now I know best sellers is kind of a given to anyone going to the bookstore, but business and gifts were a new one for me since I usually I end up in the music section. Maybe it’s because I haven’t bought a CD in some time, but that’s beside the point. After looking around in the business section, it got me thinking more about my career life and how to move forward in the next chapter of my life. So I bought this book:

Then I went to the gift section and started looking at the sketch books and journals. I loved this one:


You might be thinking why? It’s got nothing on it! Well that’s the beauty of it. It’s blank. You can do whatever you want with it.

Then I looked at the journals. They aren’t your plain notebooks anymore. The journals today are pretty, inspirational, funny and motivating. These are my favorites:


So I walked around one last time and looked at the people in the different sections. Some were in the programming section which reminded me of Justin. Some were in the art and photography section, some were in the fiction section and others were in the 50% off clearance section. I wondered what they were thinking about, what they were looking for, what their story was. I’ll never know…

Then I picked up and bought this book:

Random? Um yes very much so, but you already knew that 🙂



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