I’ve never been a neat person. I’m the one that has a stack of papers and only I know exactly what’s in that stack. If you are looking for that one specific piece of paper, I know where it is.

I know it’s frustrating for some people, especially those who like to have everything in its place. I have never been that person. Sometimes I’ll go on these binges where I start organizing and clearing junk, putting things in their place, etc. It doesn’t last long. It’s also usually clothes and papers that just haven’t been put away. We try to get our housekeeper in to clean once a month, because in the process she organizes and neatly stacks papers and things, but even that loses its shape quickly.

Lately though, I’ve been playing with the idea of really de-cluttering my home. Start from scratch. Take an empty room and decorate it again. When I moved in with my now husband, we just combined all of our furniture, art and decor together. The house also inherited the usual massive amounts of “stuff” that girls have to carry with them when they move (beauty products being the main culprit). Consequently, the house is mismatched, doesn’t have a flow and is carrying more than it can handle. With registry gifts we received when we got married, we now have more kitchen gadgets and dinnerware that need a home and our kitchen might as well have a sign that says “no more vacancies”.

So one of my goals for this year is to simplify the house, de-clutter it so it looks put together and minimal. That way it’s easier to clean when we have company and our coats, my purse and our work things don’t look messy when out-of-place or just thrown on the kitchen table after a long day. There are a lot of things still in boxes because there is just no room for them. Our house has such personality, which is why I really liked it from the beginning. It’s an awesome house, we just have to make it work for 2 people, one of which is me, a girl, who loves to keep things.

I’ve been addicted to Pinterest for a while now, and looking at pictures of dream kitchens and living rooms excites me. The thought of a large garden tub, walk in closet, huge bathroom and island kitchen makes me giddy. I’ve attached some of them below:

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Now yes, if I had all the money in the world I would get rid of everything and start fresh. Hire an interior decorator and design the perfect kitchen, living room and bedroom. I would get a couple of guys to move everything out and sell it for me. Nate Berkus and I would brainstorm the perfect design concept and get it done. A girl can dream can’t she?

So for now, I’m taking one step at a time. I tend to be impatient and want things done today, right now, no waiting. However, this is a big process that takes time and requires a lot of energy (which I don’t usually have). I just got a new coffee table which I’m excited to put in the living room this weekend (fully assembled and ready to be picked up on Saturday). My husband and I have ideas about what we want the living room furniture to look like (“L” shaped couch, chaise on one side), and one of these days we’ll go upstairs and start throwing away things that have been in storage for far too long.

That’ll be a good day 🙂


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