So I finally took my very first photography class!

I bought a Groupon about a year ago and FINALLY used it. I’ll tell you that after my wedding and looking at all of those photographers getting so creative with everyday things was inspiring. So I wanted to see if 1) I had an interest in it and 2) would I want to pursue this as a possible career.

I loved this class. I have to tell you it was overwhelming at first with all the information thrown at you. I know NOTHING about flash, ISO, AWB, or single shot mode (see I sound smarter saying all those terms don’t I?) but I got a good handle on in for a newbie. The instructor was great and made it easy to understand the vast amount of knowledge. The best part was when we went outside and got to take some pictures of our own.

At first, I was taking the basic shots I usually do, and was starting to get discouraged because I just didn’t know what I was doing. However, once I walked up to the instructor, told her I didn’t know was I was doing and explained what I wanted to accomplish, it was fun. She took me through a couple of shots and explained how I could get the effect I wanted. From then on I was taking pictures and having a blast. The instructor was there if you needed her, but was good about letting you do your thing and letting you figure things out on your own.

I have attached some of the pictures I took today. I think they are really good for a first timer 🙂 I can’t wait to practice more and take some creative shots.

I would DEFINITELY recommend taking a class from Chimpsy. They have classes all over the country with various locations and times (mine was at 3pm on Saturday at the Dallas Farmers Market but I’ve seen ones at the public library and coffee house). The price is $125 for a 2 hour class. They have a beginner class with point and shoot cameras (like my little Canon Powershot), intro to DSLR Photography and an Intermediate-Advanced DSLR Photography class. They have even started to offer Photoshop classes which I’m tempted to register for. It’s very casual, informative and not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Today was a success.


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