my love/hate relationship with…the scale

Weight has also been an issue that’s been front and center in life for as long as I can remember. Even if I try to put it to the side, behind me, away from me, it always creeps up to front and center. It’s an attention hoarder.

This is the struggle that a lot of people have, that skinny people don’t or ever will be able to fully understand and that really takes a toll on you. Forget about the health reasons and how it affects every aspect of your being, but think about the toll it takes on your confidence, self-esteem and everyday life. It affects your clothes, your activity, your perception, restrictions and limitations. It’s a beast that needs to be controlled, and it’s not going down quietly.

I have done weight watchers, Atkins, south beach, counting calories and even starving myself. They are all the same in the end. The less you eat the less you weigh. It’s simple. It’s not rocket science, no degree required.

However, I heard something this week that really resonated with me:

Devise a system that pulls you forward to your goal.

Take a minute and let it sink in. Devising a system that pulls you forward is not necessarily a plan, but rather little things you can do everyday that pull you in the right direction. That could be working out with a friend a couple of times a week. It could be planning what you’re going to make for dinner that night so you don’t get home, hungry and ready to eat the first things your eyes see. It’s not looking at a week from now, but looking at your next meal, your afternoon, your dinner. It’s the little things.

I like this idea. I remember when I was the most successful in this weight loss mission, I was a laser. Nothing could tempt me, not even that fabulous piece of cheesecake from Del Frisco’s (and that’s saying a lot let me tell you). But I took it one meal at a time. I was very meticulous on what I put in my body. More than that though, I didn’t think about tomorrow until I was done today.

I’m giving this weight loss thing another shot. For a lot of reasons- to feel good, get healthy and to get into a pair of those electric blue skinny jeans 🙂


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