Motown Philly Back Again!

Ah the 90’s. Such a good music decade. I consider myself a child of the 90’s even though I was born in 1980. The 80’s doesn’t count because it takes a couple of years to really get in the groove of things, music-wise.

So on Sunday night I had the pleasure of going to a Boyz II Men show. The first time I saw them I was probably around 13 or 14 and it was my mom, sister Natalia and I all going to see a concert of up and coming R&B artists. You ready for the lineup? It was Montel Jordan, Mary J Blige (when What’s The 411 came out), Boyz II Men and TLC. Killer lineup right? TLC didn’t end up performing because I can only assume it was when Left-Eye decided to burn her husband’s house down (note to self, if I ever get to meet Left- Eye, don’t piss her off…). We got to meet Montel Jordan (who is already tall, but at our age, was practically a giant) and sang and jammed out all night. Ahhh, great memories.

So this time around, I’m now 20 years older and got to re-live those memories with my sister once again. It was so much fun! There were only 3 member this time (the bass vocalist had left the group due to back problems and later sclerosis) and they sound EXACTLY the same as when they first went up on that stage. We sang, we laughed, we cheered, all in the name of 90’s music. They played all the hits from the album Cooleyhighharmony. “I’ll Make Love To You” came complete with long-stemmed roses thrown at the audience. “End of the Road” reminded us of 1995 when the Houston Rockets won the championship against the Utah Jazz and the radio stations used the song to “send off” the team, and finally, “Motown Philly” as the exit song which got us all jumping around.

The group seems more charismatic, with Shawn Stockman handling most of the talking (he’s also a great judge on The Sing Off) and Wanya Morris didn’t disappoint with those passionate and distinctive vocals.

Afterwards, they had an after party at the Foundation Room since the show was at House of Blues. We decided to check it out and ended up dancing to 90’s hip hop/R&B until around midnight. Now, 90’s music is really a sweet spot in the urban world. In the 80’s artists were trying to figure themselves out and the 00’s it’s become more pop than anything. But the 90’s is where the magic happened. A different sound, different vibe, all around a good feel.

It was a great night, and as a tribute to the group, the concert and the time period, I leave you with this: just move the way the music feels to you.


2 thoughts on “Motown Philly Back Again!

  1. Such a fun night! And I hate to tell you this but you will never cross paths with Left Eye because she died in a plane crash a while ago…remember??? I had a hard time with it when it happened because I was obsessed with her! Oh the 90’s….great times.

  2. Well I am glad you went, yes I remember that concert, I keep calling montel another name remember? We did go to pretty cool concerts!!!!! And 90’s music was pretty good, love you!!!!!

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