i will always love you…spafinder

This week is Wellness Week, or I should say, $50 spa services.

Yep, SpaFinder has taken on the challenge to promote self-care and well-being to customers around the country. For one week only, March 19th-20th, some of the best spas are discounting massages, facials and fitness services just in time for the weather to start changing (granted, this mornings thunderstorm extravaganza in Dallas is an interesting way to start the wellness week- a.k.a no sleep). The week is also offering self-care classes at popular spas (Pranaa Ayurveda Spa & Yoga in Plano is hosting a class in Dealing with Anxiety.

Now I know you might be thinking, “Sandra, I can get Groupon or LivingSocial spa specials everyday and get a massage/facial for $35!”. My response to that would be to ask you about quality. A lot of the spas (not going to say all of them) featured on the discount sites are badly reviewed, are not in actual spas but tucked in office buildings, and get booked fairly quickly, leaving you with a massage you wanted tomorrow to a month from tomorrow. So even though it’s a bargain you’re getting for the service, the quality lacks, and that’s no bueno.

Here is a sampling of what’s offered for Wellness Week:

Hiatus Spa + Retreat (voted in Best of D Magazine)

– $50 for an 80min. Mani/Pedi

– $50 for a 50min. Signature Aromatherapy Massage with Foot Soak

– $50 for a 50min. Signature Facial with Foot Soak

Wrapped in Wellness

– $50 for a Sudatonic Weight Loss Body Wrap (I actually might try this one)

The Spa at Willowbend

– $67.50 for a Dream Facial


– $50 for Private, 1 Hour Yoga Session

Check out all the deals here along with tips to live a healthier, more fit lifestyle (if you want).

Also, keep in mind that SpaFinder’s Spa Week starts on April 16th (might be a good birthday present just in case you’re pacing around the room contemplating on what to get me). That’s a good week to really get a great deal on a spa service. There are a lot more spas involved including Bliss Spa (W Hotel), ZaSpa (Hotel Zaza), Spa at the Crescent (Crescent Hotel), and all the Red Door Spas (Elizabeth Arden).

Consider Wellness Week as an “appetizer” for the big Spa Week coming up next month.

So ditch that stupid daily deal you got that’ll probably be at a crappy office building behind a Taco Bell and go to a real spa, where the smart, cool people go. And you do want to be a smart, cool person, don’t you?


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