a photo collection of sorts

I like taking pictures. Pictures of things that is. I have found that I’m much better at still objects than moving ones. Granted, I learned this as I tried to take a picture of Mya, who doesn’t know the meaning of staying still…

Still objects (especially food) have become my go to when taking pictures, simply because I like the way they turn out. I need to take a class sometime on taking pictures of people because I think it’s important. Documenting those moments in life is very cool and I’d like to have that skill. I’m helping my sister look for a wedding photographer and seeing the different styles and the capability of making such a special event like a wedding beautiful by photos is so cool.

Before that happens however, I’m going to keep taking pictures of still objects and see where it goes. Here is a collection of photos I’ve taken in the past couple of weeks that I think are pretty cool. It’s with my little Canon Powershot camera and although I would love a bigger camera, I’m not into spending $700 for one just yet. I look forward to developing this skill and seeing where it goes.

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