my love affair with food trucks

I love food trucks. Unique, playful, mobile entities bringing us different flavor combinations of the foods we love.

My love affair started in Austin back a couple of years ago with The Best Wurst (bratwurst hot dogs). I loved them because you could get them at 3am and they were GOOD (not just drunk, can’t tell a difference good, but I want it for lunch when I’m sober good). From there, more mobile trucks started popping up on my trip to the awesome city- korean bbq, tacos, burgers, etc).

Now, these food trucks are all over the place. It’s the new trend. In Dallas alone we have the following (just to name a few):

Easy Sliders (so yummy, more on this one in a bit)

Nammi (Vietnamese Banh Mi)

Trailercakes (cupcakes)

Rockstar Bakeshop (whoopie pies)

Ssahm (Korean bbq)

Gandolf’s NY Deli (Italian sandwiches. Not my fav but their variety is huge)

Fried Bomb (fries pies, savory and sweet)

3 Men and a Taco (yep, tacos)

So Cal Tacos (another taco truck)

Potato Potahto (baked potatoes!)

Good Karma Kitchen (organic vegan truck, yep)

Ruthie’s Rolling Cafe (comfort food. Haven’t tried it but it’s on my list)

The Butchers Son (bbq)

Il Cane Rosso (pizza)

That’s just in the Dallas area, there are more in Ft. Worth but since I don’t travel there often I don’t see them (that’s probably a good thing).

These food trucks are awesomely unique. Each one is completely different, with a playful personality and branding that make you smile with happiness. The closest I ever got to food trucks growing up was the ice cream truck. I remember hearing that ultra familiar song a couple of blocks away and calling my mom to give my sisters and I money to get one of these sugary treats. Then we would run as fast as we could to flag him down. Those were the good ol’ days…

Today, these food trucks don’t need a song because they have something better- SOCIAL MEDIA. This technology is their lifeblood. It’s how they communicate to the world- telling us where they will be, specials of the day, weekly schedules, picture posting and twitter updates. I was out looking for Trailercakes one happy Sunday afternoon and couldn’t find them, so I tweeted them. Within seconds I had a response with a “we’re packing up now, come by and we’ll get you some” (insert warm fuzzies here). If you tweet them, they will answer. Post a picture or thank them on Facebook, they will respond. This is how they grow followers and they fully understand the power of word of mouth.

So, a note about food trucks that I’ve tried and loved:

Trailercakes makes cupcakes, and even though they don’t have a song, their truck occasionally blows bubbles, which is also the name of their truck. They have a super hippie vibe and their cupcakes are no joke. For St. Patty’s Day they had a “Tanked” cupcake that was Guinness cake with Bailey’ Irish Cream frosting. They also have a PB&J (grape jelly filling, peanut butter frosting) that is just, I have no words…

Easy Sliders I had a chance to try this past weekend and as always, not disappointed. They make beef sliders and even though they have the classic for those that aren’t risk takers, my favorite is the Sweet & Lowdown. Slider burger with bacon, goat cheese and strawberry jam. I never want to have another burger that doesn’t have these toppings on it. You get the saltiness of the bacon and beef but the sweetness of jam. It was THE BOMB. I want one right now…

Finally, I’ll end with the ever so popular Nammi Truck. If you haven’t tried a Banh Mi from this place, you are either living under a rock or just haven’t been convinced of their greatness. First of all, they are EVERYWHERE- all the major events in the Dallas area, often pair up with Trailercakes or other dessert trucks, probably the most visible food truck in my opinion. Their Banh Mi is a Vietnamese sandwich and it really is phenomenal. The beef is juicy, the slaw is sweet with a kick and the portion is huge. You just can’t go wrong with this for lunch, dinner, late night, just anytime actually.

So there it is, my food truck review. I don’t really see my love affair for this mobile entity ending anytime soon. If I were you, I’d go find one to try. Click here for their weekly schedule. Like them on Facebook, follow them on twitter, or check out their website. Let’s support them!

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Click here for a great article on how these food trucks are popping up everywhere and here for a personal Dallas guide. Enjoy!

What food trucks have you visited and loved? Feel free to subscribe to my blog and let me know what you think!



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