welcome to the gun show

I held a gun today. A real one. Not one of those plastic guns, or the ones that shoot water (even though I think those are more fun). I’ve never come close to seeing a gun that up close, much less picking one up.

My husband has a gun that he’s kept in the house for as long as I can remember. I’ve always been a little freaked out by it, because of the obvious (they are weapons, hello) and he’s been nice enough to not put it in plain site.

So today he was going to the shooting range (which when I called it gun shooting range my sister was quick to correct me- “umm what else shoots Sandra?”) and came downstairs with the big black box that contained the tool. He very assertively said “pick it up” and after shaking my head a couple of times, I got up the courage to pick it up. It’s heavy, manly and looks like stupid people could get into trouble with it (Thank God we are not stupid people).

He taught me how to stand, hold the gun and point. Apparently the way you stand makes a huge difference (I think the way you stand makes a difference in a lot of things, but that’s a whole other story). After the lesson 101, he packed up the gun and went to the shooting range with his friends.

I have to say that after holding it and getting some pointers, it’s not so bad. Would I ever shoot it? Maybe if I went to a driving range with him and got serious pointers (and as much protection as possible- wrap me in bubble wrap if you must). Justin said there were a lot of girls there which makes me feel a little better and something I could conquer.

So why not? It’s something everyone should try, and this would be for sure something new. I like that my husband knows how to shoot a gun, it gives me a sense of peace of mind. I do not like, however, that he’s cleaning his gun out on the patio. It might be time to put that thing away. I think it’s time for dinner. Yes dinner sounds good.



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