my kind of drivers

I consider myself to a be fast driver. I also get a slight bit of road rage when I’ve been driving for a long period of time and just want to get home. After my 15 years of driving in this world I’ve come to know what my kind of drivers are:

1. The ones that graciously speed through a yellow light with enough time for me to pass it before it changes to red

2. The ones that know how to weed in and out of lanes in traffic

3. The ones that dislike slow drivers

Those are my kind of drivers, and I love the feeling when I find one and we work as a team to make the best of the situation.

One day I had been driving all day and I was done. Done with slow drivers, traffic, red lights and any other obstacle that prolonged my getting home.

I was at a red light because the guy in front of me didn’t know where he (I always make them a “he” for some reason) was supposed to turn so he slowed down and didn’t make the light. It finally turned green and I barely made the light to only brake once again because of construction on McKinney.

Then, my knight behind the wheel showed up. I saw him in action, faking drivers out to get ahead of them, letting other fast drivers go ahead of him (so sweet) and making that street his you know what. I quickly got behind him and followed his every move to get out of traffic hell. Freedom at last.

Sometimes I tell you it’s the little things in life, and I value and appreciate all those fast drivers out there. I know you might be thinking “well Sandra, you need your little GPS for everything so you could be a slow driver too”.

With that I say “Slow driver? Never”


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