food truck review: enticed shaved ice & cafe con leche

If you’ve read my blog regularly, you know how much I love food trucks. They embody  the very essence of creativity and individuality that I love so much. Check out my blog post about food trucks here.

In Dallas, these food trucks are growing by the minute. It seems like there is a new one out there every day, making its debut on the streets of DFW and introducing themselves on twitter and Facebook. Not only are they unique and different, their food is truly amazing.

So since I do love them so much, I want to try every food truck in the DFW area. Is it good for the diet? Probably not. Is it good for the soul and even for inspiration? I’m going with that 🙂

I’ll be reviewing these food trucks here on my blog so those of you who are in the DFW area can check them out as well. First up, Enticed Shaved Ice and Cafe Con Leche.

Enticed Shaved Ice

This food truck couldn’t have come at a better time with our temperatures reaching 100+. On a hot summer day you want the coldest thing to help cool you off. I had been wanting to try this truck for a while, and finally got the chance to try it last week. Enticed is a gourmet shaved ice food truck. They have all the known flavors available like cherry, grape and fruit punch, as with some interesting ones like tigers blood (strawberry and coconut) and wedding cake.

My sister and I decided to get some dessert after running errands all day when they were at the corner of Cole and Fitzhugh in the Sigel’s parking lot. They are there every Thursday from 4-8pm and are usually joined by Ssahm BBQ (which if you haven’t tried, you HAVE to try!). She got the cherry and I decided to try tigers blood. They were really good, a perfect choice to cool off while standing outside at 104 degree heat. The syrups are made by the owners (no generic packaged syrups here) and contain no high fructose corn syrup. They even have sugar-free flavors for those that are interested. The ice is really finely shaven, not like that other kind where it’s just chunks of ice smothered in cool-aid fruit punch.

The prices were pretty standard as well, we paid $3 for a small and it was plenty to hit the spot. They have a loyalty card that you can get for free and after a certain number of visits, the shaved ice of goodness is on them. They are also available for parties and events. I thought it’d be a great idea to have them outside for my sister’s wedding. She wasn’t as excited as I was.

Follow them on twitter and Facebook and on their website for updates on where they’ll be!


Cafe Con Leche

This food truck got my attention with just the name. Cafe Con Leche in Dallas? What kind of coffee do they have? Cafe Con Leche is an LA based food truck that has made its way to Dallas. They make cuban food like the popular Cuban sandwich, ropa vieja and of course, cafe con leche (with Cuban coffee of course). They were also featured on Season 2’s Food Network’s The Great Food Truck Race. This food truck is brand spanking new, with only 2 weeks under their belt.

My husband and I decided to give it a shot for dinner on a Wednesday afternoon. They were on the corner of McKinney and Lemmon in the Walgreens parking lot. Our timing wasn’t all that great because there was a huge Cuban group of 10 who had just ordered enough food for 20. Our wait was ridiculous, an hour and a half. I know you’re probably asking yourself why we waiting this long. Well, after about 40 minutes of waiting, we were invested. Sure we could’ve gone to  Urban Taco across the street or just gone back home, but we really did want to try it. I will say that with just one person, owner Gabriel, making all the food and with the amount of people waiting, there just wasn’t enough hands to get it done faster. I will say it was funny listening to people order a “Ya Tu Sabes”.

Ok so back to the food. We ordered 2 Cuban sandwiches and a cafe con leche. When we finally got our food, it was really good. The sandwich really did taste like it was made right there, no pre packaged meat, cheese or dressing. It all melted together so well in your mouth. The cafe con leche was a whole other story. Oh My God this is good coffee. A bit sweet, perfectly balanced with the milk and ohhhhh so good. I’m a coffee lover so this one is definitely one to try again, and in multiples, in big cups to go. I want one right now.

I would definitely give this food truck a try but with these handy tips in mind: 1. they are really new to the scene and are still trying to get to know the city; 2. They don’t have a bunch of people working for them yet. Right now it’s only the owner and a young lady taking orders. When you order, ask them how long the wait is (we should’ve done that); 3. TRY THE CAFE CONE LECHE.

With time they’ll be up to par with the rest of the trucks.

Check out their facebook and twitter for updates on where they’ll be!

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That’s it for now! I’ll be reviewing food trucks off and on the blog so keep reading 🙂 If you have any suggestions on a food truck that you’ve tried and want me to try as well and review, let me know!!


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