fab five

It’s been one crazy week! Getting back into the corporate world, even if just for a short time is something I thought I wouldn’t get to do. Being in the creative space all day my mind is free to wander the streets of imagination. We come across things everyday that are cool, inspiring, hilarious, delicious and just plain fun.

So I’ve taken it upon myself to introduce you to the 5 things that are on my radar this week to peak your interest.

#1. Stella Cookies

My grandfather Nonno used to eat these constantly for breakfast. When I saw them at Kroger this week I had to pick some up. With a hint of amaretto, these are fantastic with a nice cup of coffee, plus they are shaped in my initial 🙂

#2. Chocolate Hazelnut (aka Nutella) Frozen Yogurt at Pinkberry

I’m a lover of Pinkberry so when they came out with a chocolate hazelnut flavor (also known as Nutella), I couldn’t wait to taste it. Even better, they have interesting combinations to try and have Nutella topping. Yep.

#3. “Sabes” by Luis Enrique

It’s been a while since I’ve heard a salsa song get me this excited. I’ve heard this track way too many times to be considered normal. This is the same guy who did “Yo No Se Manana” which is another song I just love.

#4. No Hay Espray

When I saw this show up on my Facebook news feed I laughed out loud. For those who don’t speak Spanish, let me translate: “Espray” is “Sprite spelled oh so incorrectly, but pronounced pretty accurate if you have a heavy accent. You’ve heard the term “E-Stop” right? Same thing. “No Hay” essentially means “there isn’t” or “no more”. This sticky note says “No More Sprite” in a very funny, incorrectly amusing way.

#5. Common Table

Cute new spot I had lunch with Vanessa this weekend. I had to stop and take some pretty pictures. They have a Skittles Sangria. I know guys, I know.



2 thoughts on “fab five

  1. Stella D’oro cookies and Nutella!!!! How very “nonno” of you. It’s so very special to know that he will always be with us!

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