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Hope you are having a great week and are ready for the long weekend! I have to tell you that the best part about having any vacation for me is the fact that I don’t have to wake up at a certain hour in the morning. Letting my body just wake up normally is as close to wonderful as it gets.

I was watching a Tony Robbins video this week and he talked about the labor of love and what that could really mean.  Usually when people think about a vacation or just some time away from work, it’s all about letting loose and being worry free of deadlines, meetings and all the other things that come from being in the workforce (especially if you work in the corporate world). Tony talked about really thinking about the possibility of making your work something you really love, essentially getting to “love your labor”. I know I strive to get there and the awesome thing about it is that it’s different for everyone. Something to think about…

Onward to this week’s top 5:

1. Trailercakes

@trailercakes on twitter/ website / facebook

Mmmmm how I love thee. Trailercakes is a food truck in the Dallas/Fort Worth area that sells cupcakes. With flavors like Slap Your Mother Chocolate (chocolate cake/chocolate icing), 24 Carrot (carrot cake/cream cheese frosting) and Cookie Monster (white cake/crushed Oreo frosting) it’s just pure happiness. No wonder their tagline is “Happiness is in the Frosting”. I visited them earlier this week and took a picture (that’ll show later in this post) that they were nice enough to tweet it out to their followers as well as put it on their Pinterest board. I love them even more 🙂

2. Water For Elephants (movie)

I just saw this movie last night and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. Beautifully done movie about a Cornell vet student (twilight vampire guy) who loses everything and somehow crosses paths with a traveling circus. The story unfolds as he gets to know the ringleader, main attraction stars and all the drama that comes with the illusion that everything is ok. Twists and turns and all that good stuff. Yes I want to meet an elephant someday. No I don’t have the sudden urge to join a circus.

3. Drybar

Best. Idea. Ever. Drybar is a magical (yes I said magical) place where you can get a professional blowout for just $35 (including wash). Perfect for a party that night, an all day event or for those that just don’t want to mess with the washing, blowdrying, flat ironing, curling and anything else. The appointment lasts about 45 minutes and they have locations here in Dallas and Plano. I bought a Groupon for a blowout so I will be checking out the new location this weekend. Stay tuned for a post about it in the next couple of days!

4. Android Picture Apps

It seems like Android has been a little behind the curve as far as camera phone apps that the iPhone has (sorry Justin). Instagram finally made it on the scene and there have been a couple of other apps that have finally been available (or at least proved to be iPhone-like) to enhance the picture-taking beautifying process. My two favorites besides Instagram are Diptic and Labelbox. Diptic is one where you can make collages and group pictures from a similar event or place. Labelbox lets you essentially make labels to describe your picture with words. Below are some of my favorites taken by yours truly:


5. Tiny Prints


I am so excited to announce that my business cards finally came in. Much deliberation and back and forth decision-making has finally come to an end. I looked at a couple of companies when picking out the winner and I have to say Tiny Prints is one of my favorites. They are part of Wedding Paper Divas, known for their unique wedding pieces, as well as all sorts of creative stationary like announcements, thank you cards, business cards, invitations and postcards. A bit on the pricey side, but sometimes creativity is worth it.

That’s it for today. If you have a product you think I should feature in Fab Five let me know and it might make it to a future post!

Have a great Labor Day weekend!!


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