drybar: where a girl can be a girl

Drybar is a concept developed by Alli Web and Michael Landau that offer women blowouts for $35 a pop. No color or cuts done here, just fabulous blowouts with wash included to look your best for a night out, all day event or just because doing your hair just seems like too big of a task that day. The concept started in 2010 and they are expecting 25 salons to be opened by the end of 2012 and 44 by the end of next year. Blowouts are taking over.

I love this place, the price is good so it’s not an investment, the salon is super cute with a sophisticated girly tone and you can be in an out of there in an hour at the most (for my semi-long, super thick hair I’m there for an hour). They have gift cards, packages for multiple visits, offer home services (when you absolutely can’t go to them, even though I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to) and can host private parties. They also have a super easy online booking system, just make sure to book early as day-of appointments can be sometimes hard to get. Let me set the stage of this place:

You walk in are immediately see the color palette of bright yellow and green, happy yet sophisticated. You are warmly greeted by the front desk and see some yummy cookies, brownies and muffins which are all complimentary. After taking a bite you are asked what you want to drink. Mimosa? Wine? Soda? Fruit infused water? Ahhh.

When you sit down you and your stylist decide what kind of look you want for the day. They have a look book that shows 10 different looks from sleek straight to beach waves to loose curls to lot of volume (for the Texas ladies). They even have a Shirley Temple for the little ones. If you are looking for something a little more special, they offer an “Up-do” for $70 as well. After you decide what look, it’s time to get shampooed and conditioned with add-ons including scalp massages and professional L’Oreal treatments (Kerastase).

Then it’s time to get to work. The stylist does your hair with great products from Moroccan Oil, Living Proof and I even saw a dry shampoo from TIGI’s Catwalk line. All the while you are sipping on your mimosa and watching a chic flick on the big screen like Love Actually, Bridesmaids, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days or The Notebook. Not bad.

After about 45 minutes you gaze at your finished look, smile and thank your stylist for giving you a “pretty day”. The it’s off to see the world in smiles.

The Drybar has locations in Dallas, Plano (pictures are from this new location just opened in November), California, New York, Georgia and Arizona with plans to open in a ton of new and fabulous locations.

Here are some pictures from the Plano location. Here’s to a good hair day!


How cute is this chandelier?





3 thoughts on “drybar: where a girl can be a girl

  1. My experience in this place was great, the service is very good , i just wish they have one like this in Houston i will be there twice a week , may be one day!!!

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