Last week I featured yoga in Friday’s fab five and how much I loved going. It’s a first for me and turned out to be a pretty eye-opening experience. For those that are thinking of doing yoga or for those that are seasoned and thinking “I told you so”, this post is for you…

Breaking news: I’ve decided to take up yoga. Wait, what? Holding uncomfortable poses in a hot room? No way. A workout without cardio? That doesn’t exist. Whole energy flow, moving with purpose ideal? Bogus.

Well guess what, I’m loving it. I decided to try it after years of being told how great it was. The sales material says it can improve your sense of balance (which I immediately went to “oh you think I’m clumsy?”), strength and flexibility. After talking to a new friend who has amazing arms and with no gym routine (“just yoga!” she says) and the dreadful idea of having to go to the gym on a treadmill, I decided to check out Uptown Yoga with their 10 days for $10 deal.

My first session was solo after my sister couldn’t make it, and I went in a little nervous and uncomfortable, but willing to just give it a shot. I thought to myself if I could just make it through this class, I don’t have to go again. If I hate it, I only spent $10. The only yoga I’ve done before this class was the 10 minutes of yoga on P90X- hell that’ll make anyone hate yoga.

The studio is so cute with a sandstone colored brick wall, large individual mirrors in front, beautiful hardwood floors and very minimal decor. I now want this decor in my house. The class was somewhat difficult simply because I didn’t know the moves, yet I felt a sense of accomplishment that I wasn’t a complete wreck. The room is naturally hot with no constant AC flowing through the room, so I’m sweating bad, and I really don’t like sweat. I get through the 60 minutes of downward dogs, warriors and other poses I just can’t pronounce and end in a lay flat position. Time to relax.

I have to say this is the part I love the most (duh) because it’s the love part. I’m relaxed on my back laying flat on the mat and the instructor tells us to close our eyes. She then proceeds to thank us for being there, to feel grateful for being able to make it to class and making it all the way through. Afterwards we stretch, end in prayer pose and say “namaste”. Ahhhhhhh.

After the first session, my outlook on yoga changed completely. I’ve never had the feeling of “ahhhhhhhh” after a workout. There is an incredible energy in the room when doing the poses. Want to know the best part? No one cares what you look like. Since everyone is concentrating on their own movement and workout, they don’t care what you do. The instructors are great and each one starts with something calming, telling you to let go of all the worries of the day and take the time to be present with yourself.

I end the class relaxed, calm and feeling good about myself that I’ve completed a yoga class. It’s a different feeling than a regular cardio workout class where I’m drenched in sweat and ready to just take a shower and collapse. This is different. It’s enlightening, calming, relaxing. It’s yoga.

If you are looking to try a yoga class and are in the Dallas area, I really do recommend Uptown Yoga. The studio is really nice with 2 locations in Dallas (Uptown on Thomas St. and in Lakewood) and one in the Colony. They have a $10 for 10 days (that’s 10 consecutive days, not classes) that you can check out different instructors and times. There was recently a Groupon for it which I so wish I would’ve grabbed. Other studios offer an intro rate like Sunstone Yoga, Lotus Yoga and Gaia Flow Yoga. If you do check out Uptown Yoga, I recommend Jessica Baxter, she is fantastic.

Who’s going to give it a shot?


4 thoughts on “yoga

  1. There is some great yoga in Dallas! I have heard great things about Uptown Yoga. I used to yoga on the reg and now go for broke with it 2-3 times a year to kind of detox everything. I love American Power Yoga at Mockingbirg and 75 and I am about to try a 10 class Groupon to Karmany Yoga on McKinney. Looking forward to hearing updates on how you are enjoying it!


  2. Sandra, enjoyed meeting you at BBCDal! So glad you wrote this post. As one who hates working out but loves yoga (who knew?), I can relate. I even talked my husband, who has always made fun of yoga, into going. Guess what, it kicked his butt and now he is a convert too…fancy mat and all.

    • It was great meeting you as well, glad you enjoyed the post 🙂 I’m still trying to convince my husband to come with me, it’s such a great workout. We definitely need to get together the next time I’m in Houston or you’re in Dallas!

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