About The B Sandra Lee

Hey You!

My name is Sandra and I am a freelance creative writer and lifestyle blogger living in Dallas, Texas.

Check out my online portfolio here

I am half Mexican, half Italian and fluent in Spanish. When you see me, I look like your typical white girl. Oh, I teach hip hop too šŸ™‚

I am quirky, imaginative and a little weird at times. I’m a total beauty product junkie, love finding new places toĀ eat andĀ beautiful photography.

I live with my husband and lazy as can be beagle dog.

I started this blog as a creative outlet while workingĀ in the marketing corporate world. Then one weekend with Oprah changed everything.

Here you’ll read about my daily life, beauty products on my radar, interesting finds and I’ll throw in some pretty pictures as well.

Want more? Follow me here:

twitter @sandralee0415

instagram: theslife

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