fab five

If you’re in Dallas there is no question you’ve noticed how BEAUTIFUL the weather has been this past week. I hope you guys are getting the chance to go outside and really enjoy the breeze without melting from the heat or shivering from the freezing weather (it’s coming guys, it’s coming).

On to this week’s fab five:

1. Gangnam Style

Have you seen this guy?  Psy might be my new favorite internet star. This video has been seen 221,509,725 times since it was uploaded on YouTube on July 15th. This guy from South Korea has been on Ellen (showing Britney Spears the dance no less, watch here) and his song has been played on radio stations all over the country. Kiss FM here in Dallas played it during rush hour and I was jamming to it like it was the coolest song ever. I’m considering teaching it in my dance class, learning the dance and even learning Korean (ok that’s a stretch). Point is, if you haven’t seen the video, you’re missing out. Watch and let the song be stuck in your head all day, you’re welcome 🙂

2. Justin’s Fried Rice

On of the many reason why I married my husband is his ability to make some amazing fried rice. I can’t make it, ok I can’t make rice in a rice cooker (I need help, I realize this) so I’m happy that my husband has mad skillz in this department. He apparently learned it from his good CA friend and takes making the dish very seriously (including order of ingredients, timing, etc). It has no special ingredients and consists of the basic rice, veggies, egg, soy sauce and protein of choice so I can only say that it’s so good because of the order they are mixed in. Mmm fried rice makes me happy 🙂

3. Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean Saturday Night Live

LOVE this new R&B artist. Think of a mix of Miguel/Ne-yo/Maxwell/Usher all together. His voice is sexy and his music is good for, well you know. “Thinkin ‘Bout You” is his radio hit and he sang it at the MTV Video Music Awards as well as on SNL. This one is a good one. Click on the link above to listen and enjoy.

4. X Factor

I love the absolutely unnecessary drama of this show. First you have Simon, who, although resembles my uncle WAY too much, is always going to have something interesting to say. Then you have LA Reid who is a marketing music guru. Finally to top it all off you have the young, Disney girl Demi Lovato (who I actually like on the show) and the ever so hot mess Britney Spears. Britney is annoying and someone needs to tell her to watch her facial expressions while watching these auditions. The show is all about drama and finding good singers on a reality show which is why I watch it. I just hope the new host isn’t Khloe Kardashian- those ladies should not have speaking roles. Check out this guy. Awesome.

5. Flourish in Progress

Earlier this week I wrote about my experience at my first blogging conference. I heard this woman speak at Bloggy Bootcamp this past weekend and was probably my favorite of the day. Tiny, fashionable and very outspoken she had me laughing all through her presentation. I have since followed her on Facebook and her randomness is awesome. She started her blog after deciding to give up shopping for a year. Since then she’s been named as one of the best in the blog world. I can only hope to get there someday. Elizabeth Jayne Liu, you rock.



Last week I featured yoga in Friday’s fab five and how much I loved going. It’s a first for me and turned out to be a pretty eye-opening experience. For those that are thinking of doing yoga or for those that are seasoned and thinking “I told you so”, this post is for you…

Breaking news: I’ve decided to take up yoga. Wait, what? Holding uncomfortable poses in a hot room? No way. A workout without cardio? That doesn’t exist. Whole energy flow, moving with purpose ideal? Bogus.

Well guess what, I’m loving it. I decided to try it after years of being told how great it was. The sales material says it can improve your sense of balance (which I immediately went to “oh you think I’m clumsy?”), strength and flexibility. After talking to a new friend who has amazing arms and with no gym routine (“just yoga!” she says) and the dreadful idea of having to go to the gym on a treadmill, I decided to check out Uptown Yoga with their 10 days for $10 deal.

My first session was solo after my sister couldn’t make it, and I went in a little nervous and uncomfortable, but willing to just give it a shot. I thought to myself if I could just make it through this class, I don’t have to go again. If I hate it, I only spent $10. The only yoga I’ve done before this class was the 10 minutes of yoga on P90X- hell that’ll make anyone hate yoga.

The studio is so cute with a sandstone colored brick wall, large individual mirrors in front, beautiful hardwood floors and very minimal decor. I now want this decor in my house. The class was somewhat difficult simply because I didn’t know the moves, yet I felt a sense of accomplishment that I wasn’t a complete wreck. The room is naturally hot with no constant AC flowing through the room, so I’m sweating bad, and I really don’t like sweat. I get through the 60 minutes of downward dogs, warriors and other poses I just can’t pronounce and end in a lay flat position. Time to relax.

I have to say this is the part I love the most (duh) because it’s the love part. I’m relaxed on my back laying flat on the mat and the instructor tells us to close our eyes. She then proceeds to thank us for being there, to feel grateful for being able to make it to class and making it all the way through. Afterwards we stretch, end in prayer pose and say “namaste”. Ahhhhhhh.

After the first session, my outlook on yoga changed completely. I’ve never had the feeling of “ahhhhhhhh” after a workout. There is an incredible energy in the room when doing the poses. Want to know the best part? No one cares what you look like. Since everyone is concentrating on their own movement and workout, they don’t care what you do. The instructors are great and each one starts with something calming, telling you to let go of all the worries of the day and take the time to be present with yourself.

I end the class relaxed, calm and feeling good about myself that I’ve completed a yoga class. It’s a different feeling than a regular cardio workout class where I’m drenched in sweat and ready to just take a shower and collapse. This is different. It’s enlightening, calming, relaxing. It’s yoga.

If you are looking to try a yoga class and are in the Dallas area, I really do recommend Uptown Yoga. The studio is really nice with 2 locations in Dallas (Uptown on Thomas St. and in Lakewood) and one in the Colony. They have a $10 for 10 days (that’s 10 consecutive days, not classes) that you can check out different instructors and times. There was recently a Groupon for it which I so wish I would’ve grabbed. Other studios offer an intro rate like Sunstone Yoga, Lotus Yoga and Gaia Flow Yoga. If you do check out Uptown Yoga, I recommend Jessica Baxter, she is fantastic.

Who’s going to give it a shot?

fab five

I think we should have 4 day weeks more often, what do you say? This week flew by with after work activities, seeing old friends and collecting that paycheck on Friday. My labor day was filled with sleep, a great get together with family and friends at Top Golf (which I swore was putt putt until we got there) and a doggie birthday on Sunday.

I got the chance to watch Michelle Obama’s speech this week and I have to hand it to her writers. They wrote an incredible speech filled with touching everyday moments, inspiration and messages of hope. The speech was beautiful and I have to say she delivered the you know what out of it. Goes to show you the power of the written word. Good job writers, good job.

On to this week’s fab five:

1. Special K Protein Shakes

I love these. They come in Strawberry, Vanilla, Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate. I personally like the strawberry and vanilla because I think the chocolate ones taste too much like “fake chocolate” if you know what I mean. They seem to fill me up when I drink them in the morning all he way until lunch time. Now if I could just figure out the 3pm hunger craving…

2. Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa

There it is! The 3pm mid-afternoon food craving. Thank God my work has the No Sugar Added kind or I would be filling up the calorie books. This is a good afternoon pick me up and chocolate fix. Don’t need to add milk, just water and you’re good to go.

3. Target

Enough said. This place kills me because I go to get ONE, I repeat ONE thing and end up with a cart filled with shoes, clothes, makeup, hair care and food. Too many times I have that “how did this happen?” look on my face when I stroll up to the checkout line. If you need just one thing, go to CVS (wait, that place gets me too). Scratch that, ask someone else to get it for you. It’s the only safe way, for you anyways.

4. Fiber One Brownies

Have you tried these?? A past co-worker introduced me to them and by the next week I had asked her to get me a box at Costco. I still have this box of about 100 brownies. They are delicious, low-calorie and have a good amount of fiber in them so you can, well you know. They have caramel and chocolate fudge. Get the chocolate fudge 🙂

5. Bare Escentuals Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Polish

They are minty, have a decent amount of neutral, everyday shades and have some shimmer, making it the perfect daily, throw it in your purse/bag lip product. I have 2 shades, Amber and Celeste, which are more of the lighter colors. At $18, they are a bit pricier than the drugstore brands, but I keep coming back to them. No gross lipstick/gloss taste, tingly mint feeling and beautiful color.

That’s it for this week. Next week I’m closing in on some shows so I’ll be talking about them in next weeks fab five.

As always, if there is something you think I should try let me know and it might show up in a future Friday post!

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