fab five

This Friday’s fab five is all about the internet, where everything lives. Below are my five favorite videos/internet stories of the week.


1. Dubstep Dispute

This is so awesome, especially after seeing Cyrus do his dubstep with Comfort on So You Think You Can Dance and also with Twitch. I could watch this video over and over again. I saw this video on a blog called Public School. A group of photographers and graphic designers out of Austin. Great blog with awesome content. Another reason why I love Austin. Go check them out!

2. Not Cool Cookie

Oh I love it when brands get into it with each other, especially when it’s on social media like Twitter. This was a funny article by AdWeek regarding Oreo Cookies and AMC Theater who got into a “twitter battle” over bringing cookies into a movie theater. Nabisco asked their fans if they ever sneak Oreo cookies into a movie theater, with AMC responding with a great “Not Cool, Cookie” tweet back. Ah, I love it.

3. Facing Facts About Washing Your Face

Are you washing your face the right way? Check out this video and see if there are steps you’re missing or things you could add to your routine.

4. Kelly Osborne’s $250,000 Manicure

So I had heard from the beauty world that there was a new nail polish in town that had 267 carats of pure black diamonds. I had also heard the company, Azature, was only making one bottle and it was going to be the most expensive nail polish in the world with a price tag of $250,000. I get upset when a bottle of polish costs more than $10. Kelly Osborne got this manicure for the Emmy’s. I just hope she got the pedicure for free.

5. Dexter Season 7 Premiere

Can you tell I’m excited??

Have a great weekend and for those of you who are Dexter fans, let me know what you thought of the premiere!